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I have always had a creative mind and with various skills gained throughout my working life, mainly with my hands. I needed to find a skilled trade that I could put all my experience into. When I finally discovered upholstery I thought "Why didn't I think of this years ago". There were so many ideas going off in my head.  I immediately enrolled at The London Metropolitan University to study Modern and Traditional Upholstery. After a year I managed to start working part-time in the industry. My first job was upholstering head boards on a factory production line. This was great experience for using a staple gun. After this I worked in a similar environment upholstering theatre seating, again good workshop experience. I then gained a more varied role with a local Upholstery workshop. Here a learnt a great deal of experience with all kinds of upholstery, from frame repairs to wall panels.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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Tel: 077414 78775

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